2013 Reel

A cut of some of my most recent animation. Music by Kurt Payie and myself.

Love Promo

A short promo for a night club. Music by Kurt Payie.

The Tale of ┼Żeminukas

A benevolent nomad's efforts to restore a wasteland are halted when one of it's hatchlings escapes. The chase after the hatchling leads to a rough village, the inhabitants of which are not as dangerous as they seem.

┼Żeminukas was my graduation piece from Kansas City Art Institute. It was quite the learning experience, and ultimately I am proud of it.


A short film for the Horticultural Society of New York City. I presented the film to students of the Earth School for their focus on water conservation. It really was a great experience.

Experimental Audio Vision

A short experimental piece I completed with Ingrida Pleiryte. We were given a random audio track, and animated to it. Photo credit: Ian Cochran.

The Dao of Fishing

A short film animated with analouge methodes. The short is cel painted and shot under a camera. It was completed at the end of my second year at KCAI.